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Keuka Capital helps our clients achieve financial independence.

Planning For Financial Independence

Keuka Capital helps you establish a personal financial independence plan. We recommend cost reduction and income maximization strategies that boost your savings rate. These savings then fund your personal investment portfolio.

Managing Your Investment Account

Keuka Capital constructs and manages your investment portfolio for you, in accordance with your financial independence plan. We help you open your personal brokerage account and then choose specific stocks, bonds, and exchange traded funds for your account. We manage your investment portfolio going forward.

Total Return Fund

Keuka Capital is incubating a pooled investment fund focused on maximizing long-term returns. Once released, the fund will be available to accredited investors.

Investment Approach

Keuka Capital is focused on generating long-term returns through diversified investment portfolios.


Keuka Capital is accountable to our clients for all facets of the investment process: planning, asset allocation, security selection, and portfolio management.

Transparency & Control

All investments are made within your personal brokerage account, eliminating the costs associated with large fund research and administration. You know what you're invested in and have immediate access to and control of your money.


Keuka Capital charges annual fees equal to 0.5% of money under management, well below the typical 1.0%-2.0%, and accepts smaller starting investments, as low as $10,000. Paying lower fees and investing early on can lead to significantly higher investment returns over time.


Few advisors are trained to plan and construct an investment portfolio. Keuka Capital's founder is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a former sell-side equity research analyst, and has experience in both consulting and corporate finance. He has been managing money for over ten years.


Keuka Capital embraces the highest ethical standards in all business endeavours. We value our brand name and reputation over all else. Your best interests and investment goals are our priority.

Value & Long-Term Oriented

Keuka Capital does not engage in day-trading or derivative investing. We are value and long-term oriented, meaning we seek to buy companies for less than they are worth and hold those companies for long periods of time.

Founder Profile

Reuben Dvoretsky, CFA

Founder and Portfolio Manager

Reuben is the Founder and Portfolio Manager at Keuka Capital. Prior to forming Keuka Capital, Reuben worked on wall street as a sell-side equity research analyst. Reuben started his career in 2007 with Huron Consulting Group in New York.

Reuben has been managing money since 2003 and is an active real estate investor. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA). Reuben holds a BBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan with emphases in finance, accounting, and corporate strategy.


Keuka Capital was formed in 2014 after recognizing how expensive, opaque, and confusing most investment options are.

  • The Problem

    Keuka Capital was formed in response to a problem: people with money to invest have few affordable, accountable, and transparent options.

  • Advisors & Mutual Funds

    Many people choose to hire a financial advisor to manage their money. Financial advisors will typically recommend that you entrust your money to multiple large mutual funds. The advisor acts as salesmen for the mutual funds they recommend, earning a hefty commission from you in the process. The mutual fund portfolio manager then invests in hundreds of different stocks and bonds, making it difficult for you to understand what you own. And you have no line of communication to the mutual fund portfolio managers; the financial advisor acts as a buffer between you and the portfolio managers investing your money.

  • Manage Your Own Money

    One option is to manage your own money, if it suits you. This requires some background in finance, accounting, and corporate strategy (we recommend reading "The Intelligent Investor" and "Securities Analysis" as a starting point), ongoing research of potential investments, and following the markets consistently. But most people do not have the time, interest, or temperament to pursue this endeavour.

  • The Makings of Keuka Capital

    Another option is to find an affordable investment advisor that excels in investment planning, portfolio construction, portfolio management, and security selection. Your investing relationship begins and ends with that investment advisor. This is the idea behind Keuka Capital.

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